MiNews 1.5

RSS news aggregator


  • Quick feed view
  • Extended sorting


  • Search feature
  • Images don't always appear correctly


Any news junky out there needs his own RSS reader to keep up with the constant flow of information. MiNews lets you add news feeds and read them directly on your desktop. The program offers the basic interface of any RSS reader with your feed list on the left, the center window for all results for one feed and the bottom window reserved for feed preview. We enjoyed how easy it is to add new feeds and update them and were impressed with the sorting feature, which gives you total control of how your feeds appear.

We were disappointed by the search feature, which, although it generates results quickly, opens up in a new window and does not let you preview feeds except in your browser. We also found that, on some occasions, images did not appear properly in MiNews.

In all, MiNews is a solid RSS reader, but users looking for something more professional should probably turn to other solutions.

Many major news organizations, community web sites and personal weblogs offer headlines and article summaries in the form of regularly-updated news feeds using a technology called RSS. MiNews lets you take these news feeds and view them together in a simple, ad-free list, so you can quickly find all the articles that interest you from across the web.

MiNews is an easy to use and powerful RSS news aggregator application. It allows you to easily add RSS feeds using simple drag and drop technology and group your feeds appropriately. MiNews will then automatically refresh data from the feeds at a specified interval, or at any time on request, saving you the trouble of manually visiting all the sites individually for updates.



MiNews 1.5

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